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Looking for a professional website ? Here at Check the Dryer we create memorable quality designs at a very affordable rate. Our services include website design – or redesign, coding, programming, graphical design for the entire site.

You get everything you want to be online, from simple blogging to fully featured online stores. You also get a fully experienced and always available backup with personal attention and service.

Benefit from our knowledge with website design and website programming. Check The Dryer can meet your needs for an individual and high quality websites. Fully optimized websites that will be top of the search engines. Attractive designs and ease of use. That’s what you want, this is what we give you.

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Webbie - Check The Dryer
“Webbie” is a nickname given to me by one of my clients, but the name is appropriate since this is what I do. I am a full time professional “webbie” and have been a freelance designer for over 20 years.

I’m not just a designer, I do website development, consultancy and building. I am an expert with everything to do with anything online, such as graphic design, photography, video and audio production, coding, etc.

I can also help you with all social media, SEO, adverts and promotions.

A brief background :

Originally from the North West of England, I’ve travelled and worked around most of the world but now live in central North Carolina, U.S.A.

Before emigrating to the USA I worked for a large Oxford publishing company. They specialised in assisting the well known University academic libraries manage their online publishing of journals and periodicals.

I am available for hire and I’m here to help anyone and everyone with their online presence.

From simple photo albums to blogs and full blown websites. Not only with the design of them but with the redesign of your existing sites (if you have one), plus – and this is where I differ – the administration of your website:

Most people don’t have either the time or the patience to create or keep their website updated, which is where I come in. I can create, or update and manage the site on your behalf. You maintain complete control and you instruct me on what content you would like to see.


Design Archives

Design Archives Emporium - Greensboro and Winston-Salem
The emporium in downtown Greensboro and in Winston-Salem, NC. I created the design and set up the online store. I am responsible for administration and maintenance of this eCommerce website.

Apron Memories

Apron Memories - EllynAnne Geisel
The website for EllynAnne Geisel – author and apron expert. I am responsible for the design, maintenance, administration and creator of all content on the site.

Apron Chronicles

Apron Chronicles - A Patchwork of American Recollections
“The Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections” is a traveling exhibit comprised of photographs, text in story form and 200 vintage aprons. I am responsible for the content, design, administration & maintenance.

Kristina Loggia

Kristina Loggia Photography
Kristina is the daughter of the late actor Robert Loggia. She is an award winning photographer and photojournalist. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Telegraph Magazine, Spin, Details, Time and many others. I created the design and layout.

Cynthia Daddona

Cynthia is an award-winning on-camera personality, author, food, travel, lifestyle journalist and producer. Romancing The Table celebrates life, love, food, travel and wisdom through its videos, podcasts, stories, tips and recipes.

Wear Adinkra

Wear Adinkra
Wear Adinkra is a language of symbols used by the Akan people of West Africa – Wear Adinkra was a collection of eco-friendly clothing.
I was responsible for the design, photography, maintenance and administration for the website. Also assisted in the promotion of the products.


ScouseVeg - Liverpool Vegetarians & Vegans
Liverpool based vegetarian and vegan social group. The website was featured on the UK TV show: “Come Dine With Me”
Design, maintenance, administration. Graphics, video, content.

Football and Music

Football and Music
Does as it says in the name. All about two items that never should ever meet – football (soccer) and music. The website looks at the question of why soccer stars would want to be pop stars. Also we go in depth on musicians who sang about their favourite soccer club.


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