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Design Archives Emporium - Greensboro and Winston-Salem
The emporium in downtown Greensboro and in Winston-Salem, NC. I created the design and set up the online store. I am responsible for administration and maintenance of this eCommerce website.

Apron Memories

Apron Memories - EllynAnne Geisel
The website for EllynAnne Geisel – author and apron expert. I am responsible for the design, maintenance, administration and creator of all content on the site.

Apron Chronicles

Apron Chronicles - A Patchwork of American Recollections
“The Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections” is a traveling exhibit comprised of photographs, text in story form and 200 vintage aprons. I am responsible for the content, design, administration & maintenance.

Kristina Loggia

Kristina Loggia Photography
Kristina is the daughter of the late actor Robert Loggia. She is an award winning photographer and photojournalist. Her work has been featured in New York Magazine, Telegraph Magazine, Spin, Details, Time and many others. I created the design and layout.

Cynthia Daddona

Cynthia is an award-winning on-camera personality, author, food, travel, lifestyle journalist and producer. Romancing The Table celebrates life, love, food, travel and wisdom through its videos, podcasts, stories, tips and recipes.

Wear Adinkra

Wear Adinkra
Wear Adinkra is a language of symbols used by the Akan people of West Africa – Wear Adinkra was a collection of eco-friendly clothing.
I was responsible for the design, photography, maintenance and administration for the website. Also assisted in the promotion of the products.


ScouseVeg - Liverpool Vegetarians & Vegans
Liverpool based vegetarian and vegan social group. The website was featured on the UK TV show: “Come Dine With Me”
Design, maintenance, administration. Graphics, video, content.

Football and Music

Football and Music
Does as it says in the name. All about two items that never should ever meet – football (soccer) and music. The website looks at the question of why soccer stars would want to be pop stars. Also we go in depth on musicians who sang about their favourite soccer club.